Cool Towels are 100% cotton towels that are pre-moistened with an all-natural cooling solution. Each towel is hygienically sealed in a resealable package and designed for repeated use. Cool Towels provide instant cooling to the body, without refrigeration - right out of the package!
Cool Towels are


The self-cooling solution contains only purified water and natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals.


Each towel is hygienically sealed and contains antiseptic properties.


Resealable packaging allows you to use your Cool Towel multiple times.


Towels are 100% cotton. Packaging is plastic. Products are 100% recyclable!


Without refrigeration, Cool Towels cool you down straight from the package.


Fully branded with logo and colors, including custom promotional card.

Available now at Terrible Herbst Convenience Stores

Terrible Herbst

Terrible Herbst consists of more than 18 Car Washes, 19 Lube Locations, and over 100 Convenience Store/Gas Stations in the Las Vegas area.

Retail Product

Cool Towel has designed a simple method for distributors to evaluate the potential that Cool Towel brings to the marketplace. Cool Towel Starter Cases are designed to provide retail locations with a complete, ready-to-display system used to demonstrate the product performance.

In a recent market test Cool Towel proved to be a consistent Top-5 seller in the General Merchandise category.

Marketing Product

Connect to customers in a way you never have before. With Cool Towels you will connect Your Brand with a memorable Feel Good emotion that sticks with your customer.

Customize Cool Towel with Your Brand & Message.