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In past five years, the School has achieved much in innovation research with more than 700 programs, including NSFC, 973, 863 and National Support Schemes. The amount of research funding increases year by year. The School has achieved 30 Provincial and Ministerial Awards for Scientific Progress. In recent years, the school has earned five national awards, including three for Technological Invention and two for Science and Technology Progress. One of them was ultimately selected as “China’s top ten scientific and technological progress in higher education” in 2006. More than 1300 patents have been applied and 900 patents have been authorized, including 300 patents for invention. 10 academic monographs have been published.

The research of the School focuses on the following key directions:

Advanced manufacturing

Mechanical Engineering and Automation

Micro and Nano technology

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Design


Laboratory & Research Centers:

Key Laboratory of Micro/Nano Systems for Aerospace, Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory of Contemporary Design and Integrated Manufacturing Technology, Ministry of Education

ShaanxiEngineering Laboratory for Transmissions and Controls(SELTC)

ExperimentalTeaching Centerof Mechanical Foundation

Experimental Teaching Center of Mechanical Engineering

Experiment Teaching Center for Electrical Technology


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