The essential process that makes Cool Towels so cold is a process called evaporative cooling. Our Cool Towels, and our specially formulized cooling solution, become exceptionally cold because of our proprietary blend of several key all natural ingredients.

The most truthful answer is, “it depends.” It depends on the user’s specific environmental conditions (sunlight, temp, humidity, outdoors/indoors, resealable packaging or out of the packaging). It all depends…but our testing indicates that the user can get up to 32 uses out of the towel when using our resealable packaging between uses. If the towel is kept outside of its resealable packaging the user can use the towel for its intended use for up to 2 hours depending on their actual circumstances.

All-Natural simply means that the product is composed of ingredients that are naturally derived from organic materials. Every ingredient in our cooling solution is naturally derived. The towel is also made of all-natural 100% cotton terrycloth.

When your Cool Towel gets dirty we recommend washing it immediately. When you wash your Cool Towel, the All-Natural cooling solution will be removed from the towel and you will be left with a convenient 100% cotton utility towel. You may wish to utilize your towel at the gym, the office, or around the house.

When user is done with the product they can recycle the plastic PET packaging and they can recycle the cotton towel or keep it around their home to use as a utility towel to reduce waste.