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Customizable Cool Towel
Your #1 Promotional Product
Custom and Semi-Custom Cool Towels combine incredible refreshment, brand awareness with a call to action into one cool package. It's the freshest new way to increase brand awareness & make companies look cool while helping their audience feel good.
Cool Towels are 100% cotton towels that are pre-moistened with an all-natural cooling solution. Each towel is hygienically sealed in a resealable package and designed for repeated use. Cool Towels provide instant cooling to the body, without refrigeration - right out of the package!
Customize Cool Towel with Your Brand & Message.


The self-cooling solution contains only purified water and natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals.


Each towel is hygienically sealed and contains antiseptic properties.


Resealable packaging allows you to use your Cool Towel multiple times.


Towels are 100% cotton. Packaging is plastic. Products are 100% recyclable!


Without refrigeration, Cool Towels cool you down straight from the package.


Fully branded with logo and colors, including custom promotional card.

Cool Towel


Customer Engagement

Practical application of Cool Towel leaves a lasting impression on your customers and they will associate that good feeling with your brand. Connect with users on a personal level anytime, anywhere.


Cross Demographic Reach

Very few promotional products can cross generational lines and still have the same effect on users. Cool Towel is a product you can make the impact with.


Repeated Exposure

Cool Towel was design to keep you cool and refreshed over and over again, and our resealable packaging extends product use and your brand exposure significantly. Use Cool Towel at events, during sport activities and recreation, at corporate gatherings or simply in hot climates where instant refreshment and cooling are needed.

More Brand for Your Buck!

Great multi-purpose, fully brandable product and packaging, coupled with actionable marketing piece (insert card), at super affordable price point, make Cool Towel a great choice for you next promotional item.

Cool Towel Promotional Package

Fully Brandable

Cool Towels are the ideal compliment to any marketing campaign. Associate your brand with the incredible feeling consumers receive when using Cool Towels. We offer three (3) key components that ensure continuous branding, which maximizes marketing dollars spent.

The Towel

Add your logo and graphics to a white or custom colored towel.


Fully customizable with brand colors, graphics and messaging.

Insert Card

Plastic card with variable print and a QR code to engage customers.

The Towel

All natural 100% cotton towels are made to order in a color of your choice. When coupled with your branding & message, Cool Towel makes a perfect premium giveaway item.

White or Custom Color

Choose from semi-custom white towels and add just your logo, or choose a custom color of the towel for an unique look.

Printed or Embroidered

Logos and graphics are reactive-printed or embroidered on the towel with attention to detail and at your choice of placement.

Size for Every Campaign

Towels come in 3 sizes: 12x12, 12x20 and 12x27. Choose the size and style that works for your campaign.


The packaging is the first visual impression the consumer will receive and we offer up 100% print coverage. Virtually, any design can be printed on our Custom products.

Semi-Custom or Custom

Choose clear windows to showcase towel or go with 100% graphic coverage.

Dual Sided Printing

Complete brand experience by applying your colors to all aspects of the packaging.

Resealable & Reusable

Resealable packaging promotes continuous use for maximum brand exposure.

Insert Card

Include your brand message on a high-quality plastic card, unique to each package, that is fully customized to your needs, whether it be a promotional offer, a loyalty card or an actionable QR code to engage customers further.

High Quality Plastic Card

Whether it is for a small business or for a national brand, we will deliver superior, affordable full-color plastic cards made from durable PVC.

Variable Printing

Variable printing allows for barcodes and coupon code printing for gift cards, membership and VIP cards, customer loyalty cards, and more.

Dynamic QR Codes

Take the user to your website or social media. Dynamic codes offer ability to change destination at any time, even after it has been created & printed.

Cool Towel

A fully brandable promotional product with practical application and a customizable marketing element that will helps you to keep the conversation going.

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