Cool Towel in Retail

Proved to be a consistent Top-5 seller
in the General Merchandise category.
Cool Towels are 100% cotton towels that are pre-moistened with an all-natural cooling solution. Each towel is hygienically sealed in a resealable package and designed for repeated use. Cool Towels provide instant cooling to the body, without refrigeration - right out of the package!

Cool Towels come in a variety of sizes to match your cooling and refreshment needs.
Handy Size is 12”x12”, Medium Size is 12”x20”, Large Size is 12”x27”


The self-cooling solution contains only purified water and natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals.


Each towel is hygienically sealed and contains antiseptic properties.


Resealable packaging allows you to use your Cool Towel multiple times.


Towels are 100% cotton. Packaging is plastic. Products are 100% recyclable!


Without refrigeration, Cool Towels cool you down straight from the package.


Fully branded with logo and colors, including custom promotional card.

Consumers get thirsty when they get hot. Pair your refreshment drink aisle with Cool Towels.

Cooler Door Displays

The included cooler displays showcase the Cool Towel product right alongside the most popular bottled drinks for maximum sales exposure, without requiring valuable shelf space. Each display is designed to be placed near the hinge side of each cooler door so cooler product visibility remains unobstructed. The three vibrant product colors are sure to attract attention while providing size and cost options to consumers.

How it's Packaged?

Attractive, convenient, and portable.

Counter Displays

The included counter display boxes are designed to compliment most retail surfaces including the checkout counter.

How it's Packaged?
Cool Towel Retail Package

Starter Case

Cool Towel has designed a simple method for distributors to evaluate the potential that Cool Towel brings to the marketplace.

Starter Case Includes:
  • 24 – Handy Size Cool Towels
  • 24 – Medium Size Cool Towels
  • 24 – Large Size Cool Towels
  • 3 – Cooler Door Displays (1 for each size)
  • 3 – Counter Displays (1 for each size)
  • 1 – Suggested Display Instructions
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